One of the biggest concerns for your pet in summer for your pet is heatstroke. Luckily for my feline friends out there, this usually isn’t a problem for them. But for all us canines, it is likely to happen if our owners don’t watch out for us. And the fine folks at Liberty Veterinary Hospital want to make sure you all know what to watch out for. After all, it doesn’t take much in the summer heat.

If your dog is outside most of the day, be sure to keep plenty of cool fresh water available and plenty of shade. Dog houses or trees are good for that. We all know dogs love a good walk, but keep them to early mornings or evenings when the temperature isn’t as high. You may need to take water with you too, so we can drink along the way. And as obvious as this should be, NEVER leave your dog locked in car on a hot summer day. I think we all know how dangerous that is for young children and dogs alike. So do us a favor and just leave us home when you run errands.

But even being a conscientious owner, sometimes we lose track of time or forget how the heat affects your furry friend. So here are some signs to watch for to tell if your pet has heatstroke: rapid panting, excessive drooling, vomiting or staggering.   Heatstroke is an emergency! Be sure to call Liberty Veterinary Hospital if you see these signs so you can get help to your dog cool down properly.

Join me next week as we review the summer safety items one more time. Until then, check out for more detailed information on summer safety.