Let’s Unscramble the Facts

Thanks for joining me again this week. I want to review some of the things you can do to keep your cat happy and healthy. Just unscramble the underlined words. Good luck! Cats hide when they are feeling desserts, trentahed, or are in apni. Behaviors to watch out for are changes in their trainuion, sleeping [...]

At Home Care for Your Furry Friend

Ok, we’ve talked about preventative care, what about some things you can do at home? Cats need to eat a healthy diet and get exercise. If you’re not sure what type of food to get or how much you should be feeding your cat, give the fine folks at Liberty Veterinary Hospital a call. Cats [...]

A healthy cat is a happy cat……well sometimes!

Ah, my feline friends. They are loving one minute, then scratching at you the next. The way they pounce and play around can be entertaining for sure, so we know they are social animals. Yet, they love to hide as well in closets or under beds. But they are hidden when they feel threatened, stressed, [...]

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