Warning: Heatstroke

One of the biggest concerns for your pet in summer for your pet is heatstroke. Luckily for my feline friends out there, this usually isn’t a problem for them. But for all us canines, it is likely to happen if our owners don’t watch out for us. And the fine folks at Liberty Veterinary Hospital [...]

Safety First

Summer will be here before you know it! That means all of us will be spending more time outside – humans and pets. And the fine people at Liberty Veterinary Hospital want to help you keep your pets safe. Just unscramble the words below to find out some things that are dangerous if ingested by [...]

Got Water?

Who doesn’t like a nice walk or game of fetch? Even my feline friends can enjoy a walk outside, but in the hot summer weather you need to be mindful that heat affects us too. If you get thirsty, then we are too. Be sure to have water for us whether just hanging out in [...]

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