Cat behaviors, are you seeing the signs?

Sadly this is the last week of our cat health blogs. :( I hope all my feline fans have gotten a few helpful tips. Please just remember 6 month exams are very important. We love our cats and want to make sure no serious health issues arise. So, keep a watch out for any behavior [...]

Cat Health: Are you doing all you can?

Great, you came back for week three! This is an important week for cat health. Did you know the most common and dangerous aliments for cats are urinary and kidney problems, hyperthyroidism, and heart disease? These problems can often go unnoticed until they are severe because cats rarely show signs of health problems. They are [...]

Cat health: What we love about cats and what could be trouble.

Welcome back my feline friends (and owners). We all love the quirkiness of cats; from their need to show affection one minute and attack you the next, or how they love to just knock everything off tables (ok, maybe this is just funny to us dogs). But not all cat behavior is just to amuse [...]

Cat health: The fun stuff you need to know

Meow my feline friends (and your owners too)! This month is all about you. It is important to stay up on your health, so I am here for the next month to help my feline friends out. I am sure you all know the basics like keeping out fresh water and feeding your cat twice [...]

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