Parasite Prevention

If you're like many pet owners, chances are you have occasionally skipped administering your dog or cat's parasite preventative medication. After all, who can't resist saving a few bucks? Does my pet really need Heartworm, or flea and tick medication every month? In short, YES! Fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes are more than just annoyances to [...]

Wellness Exams!

Beth here again, this time to discuss the importance of 6 month wellness exams! Pets can’t talk, and they are good at hiding their pain. In the wild, if an animal showed signs of pain, it would make them a target for predators. So dogs and cats have evolved to keep their symptoms to themselves. [...]

Why vaccinate?

Hello friends and clients. This is your receptionist Beth, back again this week to talk about Liberty Veterinary Hospital’s Puppy and Kitten Wellness Plans. Why vaccinate? Many serious pet diseases can be prevented by vaccinating. Even if your new pet is always kept indoors, they can still be exposed to viruses in the air or [...]

The Puppy/Kitten Wellness Plan

Hello friends, and welcome to the Liberty Vet blog! This is Beth and I work in reception at Liberty Vet. Did you know, here at Liberty Veterinary Hospital you can save money the first year of your pet's life? By joining our Puppy Wellness Plan or Kitten Wellness Plan, your pet’s core wellness services will [...]

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