Flea Allergy

Woof, woof and hello again.   Indy again, using my pet blog to educate all my dog and cat friends about allergies.   So far, we discussed two types of allergies: inhalant and food allergies. Last, we need to discuss the allergy no dog or cat likes to admit they have. Are you severely itching? Are you [...]

Food Allergy

Woof, woof. Indy back to bark about allergies. So, in my last blog, we discussed allergies due to pollen and mold. In this blog, we need to discuss allergies due to food. Yep, I said it... food! Food is my favorite topic. Bacon, hamburger, hotdogs ….sorry I digress.   But did you know that certain foods [...]

Inhalant Allergy

Woof, woof (that's hello is dog language). Indy here. I'm a long time patient at Liberty Veterinary Hospital, & my owner is also a LVH receptionist.  I am a senior dog and have seen a lot in my days. So I feel like I need to give some advice to those younger dogs or cats [...]

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