8 Facts About Nutrition Every Pet Owner Needs to Know

The internet is full of opposing viewpoints on nutrition, diets, ingredients, and the pet-food brand or type you should be feeding your furry friend. With so many options and opinions, sifting through the chaff and separating fact from fiction is difficult. To help set the story straight for pet owners, we’ve compiled a list of [...]

Senior Status is Not a Disease: How to Care for an Older Pet

Leo’s story Leo, a gorgeous chocolate Labrador, is finally slowing down. As a pup, he was an off-the-walls bundle of long legs and slobbery tongue, and he took only 10 years to “mature.” Relatively lean, especially for a chowhound of a Lab, Leo has always had a decent hourglass figure. But, as he hit the [...]

A Plea to Punxsutawney Phil: Banish Cold Weather Hazards to Keep Pets Safe

Although not all dogs are blessed with the ability to write letters, we were able to sneak a peek at a local Labrador’s letter to Punxsutawney Phil, the weather-predicting groundhog. We share Leroy the Labrador’s sentiments in entreating Phil for a warm spring prediction, because this winter is already taking its toll. Take an inside [...]

Prevention is Key: Diagnostic Testing for Pets Through the Ages

Most people have heard the old adage, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” This popular quote resonates well in the modern veterinary world, where research is constantly guiding us to make the right health choices for our pets. From diet and exercise recommendations to screening tests for different health conditions, prevention [...]

15 Tips for Pet Owners to Help Prevent Holiday Catastrophes

Christmas is a wonderful time to gather with friends and family and create cherished memories. Naturally, you want to include your furry family members, but for them, the holiday season can be alarming and somewhat dangerous. As we bring in a tree, decorate with flashing lights, welcome a multitude of guests, cook delicious feasts, and [...]

My boots are made for walking

I cannot speak for all my furry friends out there, but I love the cold!  There is nothing better than a cold wind blowing on my face.  Well, at least if it isn’t like -10 out there, I mean I have my limits too.  What I mean to say is, your pets get cold just [...]

Baggage checked?

  A lot of you travel over the holidays, and unfortunately, many of us do not get to go with you. Pets, though loved, cannot always go where the rest of the family is going. At those times Liberty Veterinary Hospital wants to let you know your pets are safe with them. They have friendly [...]

Keep your pet safe this holiday season.

Here we go again Fa la la la another holiday is on the way, and Liberty Veterinary Hospital wants all of you to have a safe and happy holiday. I hope you remember the tips from last month on food safety, candle hazards, and stress of company on your pets. They will come in handy [...]

Was your Thanksgiving a happy one?

Well I am glad to be home! I love visiting Grammy’s house, but with all those people around it’s a little too much. How did your Thanksgiving go? Smoothly I hope, and hopefully no emergency calls to Liberty Veterinary Hospital for sick pets. When there are no pets that have experienced loss of appetite or [...]

Leftovers, candles, and company, oh my!

Only a few more days until turkey time!  I hope I get a few bites this year, but my mom is pretty good about not feeding me all the really good stuff.  She reads this blog on libertyvet.net so she knows all about the dangers of turkey skin and rich foods.  She is even careful [...]