Common Allergies for Dogs and Cats (Part 3)

This is our last week together talking about pet allergies, and I've saved the most common allergic disorder for last: Flea Allergy Dermatitis. We know fleas are no joke for any dog or cat, but for those with allergies, it can cause severe itching, skin infections, and hair loss. As pets, we are awesome groomers [...]

Common Allergies for Dogs and Cats (part 2)

Welcome back to allergy awareness month here at Liberty Vet. Sydney once again, and this week I want to go into greater depth on food allergies. If your dog or cat is anything like me, they love food! Just about any food too, we aren't that picky. But just like in humans, not all foods [...]

Common Allergies for Dogs and Cats

Hello my furry friends and humans! Sydney here, taking a break from my busy summer traveling (i.e. stuck in a crate in the back of the car unable to see anything, but at least I can be with my mommy) to talk to you about some common allergies for dogs and cats. They are more [...]

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