This is incredible! Gather round my canine friends. I am Wrangler visiting the Liberty Vet blog again. Fantastic and exciting news must be shared. Liberty Vet will be celebrating dental month which means 25% off any dental cleanings scheduled for February. This is a high alert and news to be spread. Start the dog barking [...]

What’s The Big Deal?

Everyone else at home took a moment to speak with you all, so I guess I will too. My name is Karl and I don’t see what the big deal is with obesity and activity and measured feedings. Food goes in the bowl, I go to the bowl, and the food goes in my belly. [...]

Maintaining Proper Weight As We Age

Cats, dogs, even humans, lend me your ears. Damien here and I’m ready to give you the skinny on maintaining proper weight as we age. I don’t know about the rest of you, but with each passing year I find myself spending more time napping in sunbeams and less time chasing my siblings and harassing [...]

Maintaining Our Figures

This is Sweet Baby Jay checking in with you today. While maintaining our figures might not mean much to us, it should be of primary concern for our humans. As a young lady in our modern society, I know that I am expected to display a certain hourglass physique, but the benefits of a healthy [...]


Happy New Year my feline friends and canine comrades! Your good buddy Cheech here to talk to you about a serious issue: obesity. This time of year I hear my humans talking a lot about holiday weight gain, but this is an issue that impacts my four-legged friends too. With all the yummy treats around [...]

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