Is your pet in the doghouse? Make sure it is winterized.

I am so glad you came back. My friends at Liberty Veterinary Hospital have some great tips this week! This blog is very important for my furry friends who aren’t able to stay indoors this winter. Any pet who is outside needs a dry, draft free dog house. Make sure it is large enough for [...]

Cold Weather is here. Is your pet protected?

Hi, I’m Sydney, here on behalf of Liberty Veterinary Hospital. Thanks for coming back! This week is really important for all my furry friends out there as the temperatures drop. I love the cold, but there are days even I don’t want to be outside. That wind chill can be fierce! And don’t let thick [...]

HO HO HO….Oh no!

Happy December my friends! And you know what that means... cold weather and more holiday dangers to watch out for. The wonderful staff at Liberty Veterinary Hospital want to make sure you are well prepared. So, I am going to give you some more holiday safety tips for this month. If you need a refresher [...]

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