Senior Wellness: A Final Review

So, hopefully now you know how important preventative care is in the senior years of your pet. Let’s see how closely you’ve been paying attention with a little quiz. Ready? Just answer true or false. T     F     Dogs and cats do not age any faster than humans do. T     F     Dogs and cats will let [...]

Feline Senior Wellness

Cats may age gracefully, but what health problems are they hiding? Purrrfect timing! And the sooner the better to help out your senior feline friend. It's true that cats seem to age more gracefully than us dogs, but by age 9 their youngest days are over. Just like with senior dogs, senior cats need preventative [...]

Canine Senior Wellness: Do you have a plan?

Did you sign up for your pet's dental cleaning or senior wellness plan? No, not yet? What are you waiting for!? If your dog is age seven or older, their puppy days are long gone. Sigh, I know mine are. It turns out my twelve years mean I am really 64 in human years. Which [...]

Senior Pet Health: How well is your pet aging?

September is senior wellness time! Dogs and cats age much quicker than people do, that’s why preventative health care is important. People sadly watch as their fur babies begin to slow down and nap more. I know I sure do; nap more that is. I even have days I need help jumping up on the [...]

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