Was your Thanksgiving a happy one?

Well I am glad to be home! I love visiting Grammy’s house, but with all those people around it’s a little too much. How did your Thanksgiving go? Smoothly I hope, and hopefully no emergency calls to Liberty Veterinary Hospital for sick pets. When there are no pets that have experienced loss of appetite or [...]

Leftovers, candles, and company, oh my!

Only a few more days until turkey time!  I hope I get a few bites this year, but my mom is pretty good about not feeding me all the really good stuff.  She reads this blog on libertyvet.net so she knows all about the dangers of turkey skin and rich foods.  She is even careful [...]

Good food gone wrong

As we get closer to the holidays, we all know there is nothing better than moist turkey, mashed potatoes, buttery rolls, and sweet pumpkin pie. Or is that just me? Anyway, the point is whatever food you fancy, your pet will too, but it is not be wise to let them have it. Liberty Veterinary [...]

As the holidays approach, do you travel with or without your pet?

Happy turkey month! It’s the beginning of two of the busiest months for you humans. Just don’t forget about your furry friends! If you’re traveling for the holidays make sure to plan ahead for your pets. If they are lucky enough to go with you, be sure they are current on their vaccines and that [...]

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