Ready to Check in?

You came back?! Awesome! I like knowing that I am helping my friends out there to give their fur babies the best. And Liberty Veterinary Hospital is a great place to go for your pet’s needs. They even have a list of things to help check and make sure boarding goes smoothly. Here a few [...]

Who’s a VIP?

Me, me me! I’m a VIP (Very Important Pet)! And I am sure my mommy would agree too. For all my canine VIP’s out there, get ready to board at Liberty Veterinary Hospital! For a small amount, you could have some play time with the kennel staff or extra outdoor time. You could even rent [...]

A Home Away from Home

Need a place to keep your fur baby safe and loved while you’re away? Liberty Veterinary Hospital is the place to go! For all my canine friends out there, you will get your own clean cage or run (depending on your size of course). The caring kennel staff will take you out 3 times a [...]

Does your pet need a safe place to stay?

Spring is here! The fresh smell of grass is in the air, & the trees and flowers are in bloom. It also means more walks for me! This is the time many of you humans take a much needed vacation too. And that means boarding for many of your fur babies. Liberty Veterinary Hospital is [...]

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