The Facts on Parasites – A Feline’s Perspective

Those dogs, always getting into some kind of mess. It’s enough to drive a cat like myself crazy. Mr. Biggles here to give the scoop on what else bugs us felines. While heartworms prefer our canine counterparts, they can still cause real damage to cats. The immature worms, injected by mosquitos, can cause respiratory disease. [...]

The Facts on Parasites – Intestinal Worms

Hey! Hey! Hey! Ellie Mae here…super excited! I just got in from a long run to the nearby pond following this quick little rabbit. It was so much fun! Before I knew it, he was gone but I found some tasty little pellets he’d left behind. Rabbit pellets are just the best aren’t they? The [...]

The Facts on Parasites – Heartworms

Seamus here to give you the facts on parasites, straight from the horse’s, or rather dog’s, mouth. My fellow canine compadres Ellie Mae and Willie, as well, as our feline frenemy Mr. Biggles, will be along later to tackle other creepy crawlies, but let’s get the ball rolling with heartworms. Sure, they have a cute [...]

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