My boots are made for walking

I cannot speak for all my furry friends out there, but I love the cold!  There is nothing better than a cold wind blowing on my face.  Well, at least if it isn’t like -10 out there, I mean I have my limits too.  What I mean to say is, your pets get cold just [...]

Baggage checked?

  A lot of you travel over the holidays, and unfortunately, many of us do not get to go with you. Pets, though loved, cannot always go where the rest of the family is going. At those times Liberty Veterinary Hospital wants to let you know your pets are safe with them. They have friendly [...]

Keep your pet safe this holiday season.

Here we go again Fa la la la another holiday is on the way, and Liberty Veterinary Hospital wants all of you to have a safe and happy holiday. I hope you remember the tips from last month on food safety, candle hazards, and stress of company on your pets. They will come in handy [...]

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