Hi it’s Sidney. How was everyone’s Holiday?

Hi it’s Sidney. How was everyone’s Holiday? Well, Thanksgiving is over. Sadly, I hardly got any bites, but on the flip side, I didn’t get sick either. Hopefully, there were no decoration mishaps at your homes or inappropriate feeding illnesses. And hopefully, my fellow pet friends didn’t over feed themselves by helping themselves to your leftovers. [...]

Sydney’s Holiday Dos and Don’ts

I’m back with some holiday dos and don’ts from Liberty Veterinary Hospital. We want to make sure your pets stay healthy and safe. Do: Keep decorations out of our playful reach. Many can injure us, as well as annoy you when we get into them. Check www.petpoisonhelpline.com for which holiday plants are toxic to your [...]

Is your pet ready for holiday travel?

Hi, Sidney here again. Traveling can be fun for some pets, and stressful for others. I, myself, love to go wherever my mom is, but I hate being in the crate. I’d much rather be sitting in her lap, but I've heard that’s not safe or something. My travels have only been in a car, [...]

Holiday time; does your pet need boarding?

Sydney here. I can’t believe the holidays are upon us already. I’m pretty lucky I get to travel with my mom. Well, lucky to be with her, but sometimes being around everyone else is a little stressful. If your pet feels the same, be sure there is a comfortable place for them to hide out [...]

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