Tips for Pet Disaster Preparedness

When faced with severe weather or a natural disaster, your best defense is preparedness. A catastrophic event can occur quickly, often without warning, and that can spell disaster for you and your pet if no preparations have been made. In the event of flooding, a severe storm, tornado, or fire—all possibilities here in Ohio—you must [...]

5 Poison Prevention Tips for Your Pet

Toxic substances are plentiful in your home, garage, and yard, and your four-legged friend has a good chance of sniffing them out if you aren’t careful. Knowing which potential poisons you keep in your home—and how to prevent your pet’s access—is crucial for keeping your furry pal safe from danger. Here are five tips to [...]

I Can Brush My Pet’s Teeth?

You can and should brush your pet’s teeth. Daily toothbrushing is the best way to slow dental disease progression to help avoid serious health complications. Brushing your pet’s teeth isn’t as difficult as you may think, and our Liberty Veterinary Hospital team explains why daily toothbrushing is important and how to train your pet to [...]

Be Well—Routine Wellness Screenings for Pets

We all wish our pets could live forever, and while that’s impossible, you can increase their quality and quantity of life by taking charge of their health and ensuring they receive annual wellness screenings. Our team at Liberty Veterinary Hospital wants to emphasize the importance of these evaluations for your pet.  Regular wellness screenings protect [...]

Shh! Supporting Your Noise-Averse Pet

If you dread the upcoming fireworks season because your pet becomes so fearful, you are not alone. The loud sounds of explosions in the sky can make any pet quiver with fear, but for noise-averse pets, July Fourth can be downright miserable. Unfortunately, pets with true noise aversion don’t suffer only one night each year— [...]

The Puppy Problem-Solver Tool Kit

Many households welcome a new puppy during the spring and summer, and if your home will be hosting a new furry bundle of joy, let Liberty Veterinary Hospital help you prepare. Here is everything you’ll need to build a puppy problem-solver tool kit, to prevent the most common unwanted behaviors. Essential items for puppy problem [...]

Why is My Veterinarian So Busy?

If your pet needed veterinary care in the last several months, you likely were surprised at how long you had to wait to get an appointment. Many factors are contributing to the busy schedules and increased wait times seen at veterinary practices across the country. Our team at Liberty Veterinary Hospital wants to help you [...]

Pack Your Bags: Prepping Your Pet for Traveling or Boarding

The busy holiday season is approaching, which means plenty of travel plans and family accommodations will be necessary. Whether you’re heading across the country to visit friends or family, or overloading your own home with guests, travel plans must be made well in advance to minimize stress and potential pitfalls. If you plan on traveling [...]

7 Facts You Need to Know About COVID-19 and Pets

In light of the current uncertain situation, you likely question whether your pet can be affected by COVID-19, if you should care for her if you become sick, and if she can carry the virus from one person to another. Although information is everywhere you turn, not everything you read is factual, especially on social [...]

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