Eat, eat, eat, all day long

I wish I could eat all day long, but my mom has me on a pretty strict diet. Like so many of my furry friends out there, I have to eat prescription food to stay healthy. That means no human food, darn. Oh how I miss cheese and chicken, or a nice bite of a [...]

Pollen, grasses and mold oh my

We all know dogs and cats can itch and groom themselves from time to time, but when it becomes obsessive with visible redness or hair loss, then that’s a problem and Liberty Veterinary Hospital can help. If you know your pet is free of fleas or ticks than it could be something in the air [...]

Say NO to fleas and ticks

Sydney here and I think I can speak for all my fellow canines and felines when I say we hate fleas! They are not only tiny nasty bugs but worse than that, they bite and can cause severe skin irritations. Fleas can give your fur baby skin infections with lots of redness, itching and even [...]

Was that a sneeze?

Well it’s the last month of summer.  That means just a few more weeks of fun before the start of school.  So, we here at Liberty Veterinary Hospital hope you made the most of the sunny warm days we have had so far this year.  I also hope your fur babies enjoyed it too.  No [...]

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