True or false, pet dental care is important?

I sure hope you said true, or I haven’t done my job well. Glad you returned even knowing there was going to be a quiz. Ready? It’s easy if you’ve been paying attention the last 3 weeks. Just pick T for true and F for false. T   F     Plague can build up on a dog's [...]

Ready to brush some teeth?

Yea, your pet isn’t either. I hope you’ve scheduled your dog's or cat’s dental with Liberty Veterinary Hospital already. If not, go ahead and give them a call now. I’ll wait... All set? Great! No home remedy replaces the need for regular dental cleanings. Most humans brush multiple times a day, and STILL need to [...]

Pet’s breath got you down?

Welcome back to week two of dental health care. Liberty Veterinary Hospital and I are glad you came back. It is important to know that your pet’s dental health is as important as your own. Our teeth are made of the same stuff as a human's. So plaque can build up on our enamel too, [...]

Does your pet have healthy gums and teeth?

Hello, Sydney here to let you know about the importance of dental hygiene in pets. You will need a dental exam before the actual dental. The doctors at Liberty Veterinary Hospital just want to make sure there are no surprises and to ensure your pet is healthy prior to the dental. I had a dental [...]

Myth Busters: Corn Edition!

Pet food diets.  Are grains okay?  What about corn?  Here is some great information on that topic:

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