So for about a month now, we dogs should have been annoying a lot of neighbors. That barking chain hopefully reached a lot of dogs alerting all that February is dental month at Liberty Veterinary Hospital. Between the dog bark alert and this blog, even our owners should be aware by now. Just in case [...]

Healthy Teeth & Gums

Hello all. I am Clifford the cat, no relation to Clifford the big, obnoxious, red dog. My house mates Wrangler and Rupert have been raising anxiety levels about bad teeth. Let me, the calm, cool cat settle your nerves. Get ready to purr. There is a way to have healthy teeth and gums. There are [...]

Want to play a game??

Want to play a game?? I am Rupert, I live with Alicia, one of Liberty Vet’s technicians. Let’s see how smart you are. TRUE or FALSE:                     10% of cats show signs of dental disease by age 3. TRUE or FALSE:                     Cats should never brush their teeth. TRUE or FALSE:                     Cats are supposed to have [...]

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