LVH0004_Pet Blog_SydneyHi, Sidney here again. Traveling can be fun for some pets, and stressful for others. I, myself, love to go wherever my mom is, but I hate being in the crate. I’d much rather be sitting in her lap, but I’ve heard that’s not safe or something. My travels have only been in a car, but I know some of my furry friends out there have enjoyed flight. How cool is that? Anyway, my friends at Liberty Veterinary Hospital have shared some of their travel tips with me. Since I am so generous, I am going to share them with you, so you can be prepared for the upcoming holiday travels.



Travel Tips:

  • Be considerate and check with family and friends if pets are welcome
  • Contact airlines to find out what their pet requirements are
  • Find pet friendly hotels, motels, or camp grounds
  • Many states and foreign countries require pet health certificates, so contact your vet well in advance (weeks or even months depending on your destination) so you have the proper documents and services.
  • Pet I.D. tags should be current, or have a microchip in case they get lost or run off; and if you need a microchip, LVH can do that too. Just give them a call.

Whether you’re an expert traveler or just a nervous one like me, check out for a handy travel check list to make sure you got it all. You’ll feel better, and your pet will enjoy the smooth trip ahead of them.

Join me next week for holiday safety tips. Thanksgiving is a day of thanks, let’s keep it that way.