Hey there, hope you’re are enjoying your summer. I know I am, I get to sit on the patio with my mom and feel the wind in my fur. And bark at people of course, until she quiets me down. But as much fun as summer can be, it also means more work outside too. People are mowing their grass every week, putting fertilizer down and taking care of compost piles. Did you know lawn care products can be harmful to your pet? Not to mention insecticides or fertilizers are toxic too. Not only should you be careful with what you put on your lawn because everyone plays on it (pets too), but those products need to be kept on a shelf out of reach of nosey dogs or cats.

Other products to keep away from your pets are: fluids like antifreeze, citronella candles, cocoa mulch, or bug sprays of any kind. You know how we have the need to put our snouts where they don’t belong, so always make sure to keep items that could hurt us out of our reach. We’re pets, we will not stay out of the garbage or interesting bag or box just because you said so. But even if you take precautions, accidents can happen. So if you suspect your pet has gotten into something that could make them sick or worse, call Liberty Veterinary Hospital immediately 513-755-9700.

The folks at LVH want to make sure you’re aware of toxic dangers and are prepared if something should happen. They even have a first aid kit item list on their website, liberyvet.net, so you are ready for whatever emergency needs your pet may need. So, until next week when I talk about more toxic dangers in the home, be sure to go to libertyvet.net under blogs/awareness newsletters/toxic awareness for the first aid list and more.