Rescheduling & Cancellation Policy

To provide services as promptly as possible to all patients, we request sufficient notice for cancellations or rescheduling, so we may offer vacated slots to other clients. Exams should be changed by 8am the day of your appointment. Surgeries & dentals require 24 hours. We do charge for appointments which are missed or canceled [...]

Appointment Duration

Appointments may vary in length due to the nature of the visit. Initial visits may take 30 min to one hour. Follow up appointments may require 20 min or less. Technician appointments generally take 15 min or less.

On Site Pharmacy

We have an on site pharmacy to offer needed medications to your beloved pet.  From antibiotics to probiotics; thyroid supplementation to renal support; short term to long term pain management. If we do not have a specific medication that your pet needs, we will be sure to find a way for you to obtain the [...]

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