new optionWelcome to the new Liberty Veterinary Hospital pet blog. Howling hello. I am Wrangler, this month’s blogger, a long time patient and dog of one of the Liberty Vet techs. Sorry, I am not as good looking as Brett Favre in his Wrangler jeans.

I find it interesting that whenever older humans chat, their conversations drift to illnesses. Sure their bodies break down as they age. I am barking loudly for us animals. We develop health issues too when we reach our senior years. Humans joke that at age 40 their bodies start falling apart. For us dogs, our golden years start around 7 years of age. For my cat buddies, they reach retirement years after 9 yrs of age.

Hey humans, let me woof at you some topics that probably sound familiar. I’ve overheard my owners discuss high blood pressure. Guess what. We senior dogs can have that too. Diabetes? Bet my dog bones, I have canine and feline friends who are diabetic. Kidney failure? Ever find your pet accidentally sitting in pee? Yep, I’ve seen many an owner catching urine with Tupperware. They catch some pee to test it. Finding it difficult to see the squirrels? Can your pet still chew on those good old dog bones?

So remember, our bodies age too. This month the Liberty Vet dog blog will focus on senior canine and feline healthcare. I will howl about this until I am hoarse. Look for information next week on keeping senior pets healthy. Because of excellent vet care, I am still feeling youthful. Off to chase some squirrels. I learned my lesson not to chase the skunks. See you at the next blog!