new optionCAT NIP!!CAT NIP!! CAT NIP!!

This week, we direct the Liberty Vet pet blog towards the felines. I’ve been a patient at LVH long enough that I speak cat too. So meow to all your feline friends. Let’s discuss senior cat health.

I am envious of my cat friends. They seem to age a lot more gracefully than us dogs. Maybe it is true that cats have nine lives. Like all of us including the humans, aging is inevitable. At some age though, my cat friends need more and longer naps. Their appetites decrease. Remember those incredible jumps they could make to the top of the refrigerator?? Well as they get older it might just be a jump to the couch.

Liberty Veterinary Hospital strongly recommends an exam every six months for cats of any age, but it’s especially important for senior cats. Remember, cats age much faster than humans. My feline friends are great actors when it comes to hiding pain. Catch an illness early and treatment may be more successful and possibly less expensive. Wait until a cat shows symptoms, and it can be another story. Liberty Vet Hospital has a senior wellness plan for felines. Maybe if you meow enough you will convince your owner to investigate. Have them stop in and pick up a brochure. Tell them to visit with the adoption cats while they do.

So, dogs and cats, watch for next week’s blog. Sorry about teasing the felines with cat nip. Did someone say squirrel?? Got to go!