By now I am sure you are well educated on Liberty Veterinary Hospital’s PWP’s and KWP’s. Preventative services all in one package that makes taking care of your little one easier. The wonderful folks at LVH will even go over housebreaking and training techniques, and a proper diet for your fur baby. I told you, they just keep on helping!

But if you haven’t gotten your kitten yet, be sure to look at LVH first. Their kitty adoption center includes cats and kittens from Animal Friends Humane Society.  How awesome is that? All cats are spayed/neutered and up to date on current vaccines. So, if you are looking for a new feline friend, be sure to call LVH and arrange a meeting with an adoption coordinator.

Ok, new topic next week: toxic dangers. Yikes, that sounds scary! Guess we’ll have to come back and find out for ourselves. Until then, check out https://libertyvet.netfor more on kitty adoption.