I know, I know….I’m overweight. But I’m always hungry, so how can I be overweight? Dr. Collins at Liberty Veterinary Hospital and my mom say it has to do with my age. I’m not a young pup anymore, which means I’m sleeping more and playing less. For my furry readers out there, it could be for other reasons. Is the food you eat made of the proper quality and nutrition? Are you eating the right amount of food for your size and age? Do you get too many treats, especially of the human kind? Do you get plenty of exercise? All those things can lead to obesity if not monitored. If you’re not sure what food is best or how much, the staff at LVH will be happy to assist you.

A chubby pet may be cute, but extra weight can lead to many health concerns for them. Cats and dogs can get arthritis, heart disease, and diabetes just like humans. If you have any concerns, be sure to contact your vet, and check out www.Libertyvet.net for further information as well.

Please come back next week for some last-minute tips to help keep your pet at a healthy weight. For now, try this weight loss related word find game: