What pet doesn’t love to beg for food? We all long to have a taste of the delicious food people get to eat, but only some of us get to enjoy any from our owners. You do want to make sure you are not giving them anything that could be toxic for them. I mean I am sure you all know about chocolate and how bad that can be, but did you know that grapes/raisins are bad for us too? Liberty Veterinary Hospital wants to make sure you know what foods to keep away from your fur babies, so here is a list of items to keep an eye on: avocados, macadamia nuts, onions, garlic, chives, table salt, all alcohol, and gum or candy with xylitol in it. Please keep them away from your pet. That means grabbing it before they get if it hits the floor while you’re cooking. I know I am always at the ready for dropped food but my mom and aunt are pretty quick to get it before me. Guess that means I’m lucky they care, but most of the time I’m just sad I missed a bit.

And since we are so quick to jump when something hits the floor, be careful with medicines too. Even daily meds like ibuprofen or decongestants can be toxic to us. Not to mention getting ahold of our own medicine and eating all the pills at once. You definitely need to keep an eye on what you leave in our reach. No matter how good your pet usually is about not getting into your things, you can never be too safe. It only takes one time for us to get too curious and it could be the last.

Remember, any chance your pet got into something they shouldn’t, call LVH immediately (513-755-9700) or the pet poison help line (888-426-4435, charges may apply). Your pet’s safety is your hands.

Come back next week for some final tips on toxic safety because one can never be too safe. But until then, check out libertyvet.net for more information on toxic dangers for your pet.