Well it’s the last month of summer.  That means just a few more weeks of fun before the start of school.  So, we here at Liberty Veterinary Hospital hope you made the most of the sunny warm days we have had so far this year.  I also hope your fur babies enjoyed it too.  No itchy red skin or obsessive grooming to be seen.  But if you have noticed this, it could be from allergies.


Yes, pets can have them too from fleas, food or the environment like pollen, weeds, grasses and dust.  One day you see symptoms and one day you don’t.  And just like in humans, one day it just pops up.  Certain seasons can make it worse too.  Watch the weather for high pollen counts.  These will cause more severe allergy symptoms for your pet. Lucky for you, this month’s topic is pet allergens, and if your pet is allergy free now, they may not always be.

So, come back next week as I delve into the dreaded topic of fleas.  Yuck! Despite being so small, they can cause some severe allergies in dogs and cats.  And if you can’t wait, check out libertyvet.net for more information on allergies in pets.