new optionWoof, woof, Wrangler back to discuss senior pet wellness plans. This pet blog will have information on a dog’s senior health plan. Cats, retract your claws. Next week’s blog will be all about the felines.

So, a canine over 7 years old is in the equivalent of 40’s for a human life. Come on dog friends, we have all heard our owners and their friends discussing human ailments stemming from age. Gosh, even when they whisper, our dog ears pick up everything. Our owners hope for a pleasant retirement. So should we! Wouldn’t you all love to still chase animals, eat great food and nap every day?? Liberty Veterinary Hospital has this great plan for senior dogs.

What is this amazing plan? Well it includes physical and dental exams. We canines are very brave and quiet when it comes to pain. How many of us suffer in silence? The vets might see some weight loss, hear heart murmur or notice dental disease. Let’s talk blood. Complete blood chemistry will check the major organ systems in our bodies. Remember, there is more than just our stomachs!! How many of you have had an owner stick Tupperware under you to grab urine? What is that crazy person doing, right? Well a urinalysis can diagnose a lot, from diabetes to bladder stones. Have techs ever laid you on the table with that crazy camera over you? Smile and say cheese. Those are x-rays, & let the vet check your heart and lungs. Don’t forget eyes and blood pressure need checking too.

So, if you are a senior dog, bark to your owner about making you an appointment. Remember, just like humans, we need better wellness plans as we age. We also need senior care in our retirement. Ok felines, clean your fur, cough up some hairballs and read next week’s blog.