new optionnew optionHi, Kiara and Chloe here. Everyone thinks we are just cute little fluff balls. Well we are, kind of, but we do have brains too! We know how crazy holiday family gatherings can be and we really don’t like being chased around a strange house by our nephews and nieces after a 12 hour drive. That is why we request a stay at Liberty Vet where we will be safe. The kennel staff will let us out to go potty three times a day. For breakfast and dinner, they will feed us a good quality food if my humans forget mine at home. Your humans can also order extra playtime and then we get to play ball or sit and get petted, if that is what we prefer. Extra potty time can be requested as well and before we go home, we can also get a bath and nails trimmed. We will smell so good!

Next week Stormy will tell us about the benefits of cat boarding during the holidays!