Well I am glad to be home! I love visiting Grammy’s house, but with all those people around it’s a little too much. How did your Thanksgiving go? Smoothly I hope, and hopefully no emergency calls to Liberty Veterinary Hospital for sick pets. When there are no pets that have experienced loss of appetite or lethargy, diarrhea or vomiting, then it was a good holiday indeed.

So, one holiday down, and another to go. Just think more food, more decorations (trees, lights, ornaments) and more opportunities for your pet to get into mischief and possible get sick. I hope you remember what I’ve said about bones, rich foods and chocolate, all of which should be kept out of our reach.

Come back next week as I go over cold weather safety, because like it or not, the cold and snow is coming! Until then, be sure to check out libertyvet.net for more holiday and cold weather tips.