Hello, my furry friends and humans! Well, I’ve started my low-calorie diet which tastes pretty good, and my mommy is able to take me for walks in the evening now. So, I’m on the right track to losing some of my excess weight. I hope you’ve reached out to Liberty Veterinary Hospital for the best food for your pet as well. We all have different dietary needs. So getting the right food is the first step.

It also helps to measure the food exactly each time, using a standard measuring cup. Coffee mugs, a “handful”, 1/2 a bowl, etc. are not accurate ways to measure food, especially on a diet. Ensure each pet has their own food bowl and has a quiet area to eat by themselves. We don’t need any fighting over food or stealing someone else’s. We can be greedy about our food, so yes this does happen. If necessary, separate pets during feeding time to make sure each pet gets the correct amount for him/herself. Pet Obesity Prevention, has great pet weight loss tools to help keep you and your pet on track!

LVH makes ordering food easy too. Just check out Vet Source, an on-line pharmacy, available thru the LVH website: www.Libertyvet.net. It is a safe, accredited pharmacy that works directly with Dr. Collins and Dr. Johnstone to get you the products you need. You can even get flea, tick, and heartworm prevention and other medications there too. Just ask the staff at LVH for more information. It seems they are always one step ahead of their clients’ needs.

Be sure to join me next week when I discuss dental care for my feline and canine friends out there.