Thanks for coming back. Dental health is more important for your pet than you might think. It is more than making sure our breath is fresh. It is making sure that bacteria or tarter in the mouth do not cause damage to teeth, gums or bones, or get into the system and cause heart, kidney, or lung damage. What you can’t see going on under the gum line CAN hurt us. We can have infection or fractures which are detected with a sedated oral exam and x-rays. These are done during the dental cleaning and treatment procedures. The most common disease among dogs and cats is periodontal disease. If your pet has bleeding gums, yellow or brown crust on their teeth, or a change in chewing or eating habits, see a veterinarian.

Some type of home care is necessary to keep our teeth healthy just like with humans. Ideally, our teeth should be brushed daily just like yours, but I know you people folk get busy. And frankly, some of us hate it so much we just won’t let you! I do have some friends that love it (they say they get treats afterward!), so please keep trying. Be sure and use toothpaste made for pets that don’t contain fluoride. (There are also enzymatic rawhide chews that help prevent plague as well.) If you need help getting started Liberty Veterinary Hospital is happy to help, and even have the products to get you started. Most pets will need a professional cleaning at some point and the LVH staff will let you know when it’s time.

So give them a call to find out how they can help your furry friend today.

One more week on senior wellness. So be sure to come back and show off your knowledge on a little quiz. And if you need to brush up, be sure to visit