Hi it’s Sidney. How was everyone’s Holiday?

Well, Thanksgiving is over. Sadly, I hardly got any bites, but on the flip side, I didn’t get sick either. Hopefully, there were no decoration mishaps at your homes or inappropriate feeding illnesses. And hopefully, my fellow pet friends didn’t over feed themselves by helping themselves to your leftovers. Don’t act surprised – if I could get on the counter I would have stolen some food myself. I heard Liberty Veterinary Hospital had to help a few of my friends who did just that. I hope the stolen bites were worth it to my mischievous friends.

So, remember those dos and don’ts for the next month, as Christmas, Hanukkah, & New Year will be here before we know it. That is definitely a decoration playground for us. So be mindful of what you put up and where. If your pet is traveling with you or need to board your furry friend, LVH is the place to visit. Check out their website libertyvet.net for more information on both. Also, please review the blogs we’ve already done on the subject.

I’ll be back next week, for some cold weather safety tips. Humans aren’t the only ones that need to bundle up and prepare for the cold. Brr!

Enjoy this short video on how dogs and cats are thankful for the same things.

What Dogs Are Grateful For vs. What Cats Are Grateful For