LVH0004_Pet Blog_SydneySo, hopefully now you know how important preventative care is in the senior years of your pet. Let’s see how closely you’ve been paying attention with a little quiz. Ready? Just answer true or false.

T     F     Dogs and cats do not age any faster than humans do.
T     F     Dogs and cats will let you know when something hurts.
T     F     Test can detect diabetes or kidney disease.
T     F     Dental disease can lead to other health problems.
T     F     Dogs and cats can get cataracts.

Ok, how’d you do? If you answered F,F,T,T,T then you aced it! Good boy! As animals we certainly can’t tell you when something is wrong. Like most humans, we don’t like to complain about signs of aging. So it is up to you, our loving owners, to keep an eye on us, and stick to semi-annual exams. Remember Liberty Veterinary Hospital has awesome senior wellness plans. Just ask on your next visit or give them a call. Preventative care does not only mean peace of mind, but can add to our quality of life.

Again, well done my friends! I’ll be back next week to focus completely on my feline friends, and the special care they need that is unique to kitties. I can hear the purrs of delight already. So, join me here next time for tips on cat health.