I am so glad you came back! Ready to work your brain? Let’s see how much you’ve learned this month on senior wellness for cats and dogs.

True or False

  1. Dogs and cats age more quickly, so 6 months is more like 3.5 to 5 years in human life. T F
  2. Senior Wellness plans are for canines only.   T F
  3. Blood tests are not included in the senior wellness plans. T F
  4. Periodontal disease is the most common disease among dogs and cats. T F

Multiple Choice

  1. Some signs to watch for in your senior pet are
  2. loss of house training, confusion or disorientation, and playfulness.
  3. increased thirst, skin changes, and confusion or disorientation.
  4. skin changes, sleeping on the floor, and loss of house training.
  5. The following exams can help detect problems before they advance:
  6. blood tests and food allergy tests.
  7. dental exams and breathing tests.
  8. eye exams and blood tests.

Fill in

  1. Liberty Veterinary Hospital recommends _____ exams a year for senior pets.
  2. ___________ can destroy gums, tissue and bones in teeth.
  3. Dogs and cats need their teeth brushed ________.
  4. LVH wellness exams are there to help ___________ problems before they become serious.