LVH0004_Pet Blog_SydneySeptember is senior wellness time! Dogs and cats age much quicker than people do, that’s why preventative health care is important. People sadly watch as their fur babies begin to slow down and nap more. I know I sure do; nap more that is. I even have days I need help jumping up on the bed. But my mommy is on top of my health. She makes sure I have an exam every 6 months, and I even had my teeth cleaned professionally. I mean check out my smile above. Dental disease is no joke!

There is even more that she could do, like take advantage of the Senior Wellness Plan that Liberty Vet offers. They are pretty cool plans that make sure your senior dog or cat has the best preventative care possible. You worry about your health right? High blood pressure, diabetes, kidney failure – they can happen to your pets too. And early detection helps us live a longer happier life.

Next week, I’ll be back to talk more specifically about senior dogs. Stop hissing, senior cats will be the week after that. Until then, be sure to visit for more information on the Senior Wellness plans for your cat or dog and the dental cleanings that they offer there.