Sydney here and I think I can speak for all my fellow canines and felines when I say we hate fleas! They are not only tiny nasty bugs but worse than that, they bite and can cause severe skin irritations. Fleas can give your fur baby skin infections with lots of redness, itching and even hair loss. Ticks can cause immune disorders like Lyme disease which are even worse.

So what’s the best way to fight these persistent nasty critters? Prevention is the key, and Liberty Veterinary Hospital carries two great products to help: Bravecto (chewable for dogs) and Vectra for my canines out there and Advantage Multi and Bravecto for my feline friends. It is a simple, painless solution to keep us safe all year. Not to mention keeping our humans free from bites and itching too. And if you think an indoor pet is safe from getting fleas, think again. Anyone or anything that leaves the house and reenters could be carrying in a hitchhiker ready to make a home on the unsuspecting pet that lives there. And once you have fleas in the house, I am sure you are aware of all the hard work it takes to get rid of them from us and the home. Prevention is a win-win for everyone. So, give LVH call or check out for more information today.

Come back next week when my topic is environmental allergens, and until then enjoy the weather and don’t let the bugs get you!