Summer will be here before you know it! That means all of us will be spending more time outside – humans and pets. And the fine people at Liberty Veterinary Hospital want to help you keep your pets safe. Just unscramble the words below to find out some things that are dangerous if ingested by your pet. They are items that can be found in your yard in the summer, used to cook or take care of your lawn, or plants. Good luck!

  1. racollint slacend
  2. scient trelleepn
  3. achoarlc
  4. lazeaas
  5. dewe likerl
  6. legthir duilf

How did you do? I am sure you did awesome! Bet no one had to look at the answers below either. Just remember, dogs and cats like to get into everything. I know that shocks some of you, since your pet is an angel. But you really do need to watch us much like you would keep an eye on your toddler. So keep those eyes open! If you want more information on summer safety tips be sure to check out Until next week, when I will return with a few more tips for summer gatherings.

Scramble Answers:

  1. citronella candles
  2. insect repellent
  3. charcoal
  4. azaleas
  5. weed killer
  6. lighter fluid