You came back?! Awesome! I like knowing that I am helping my friends out there to give their fur babies the best. And Liberty Veterinary Hospital is a great place to go for your pet’s needs. They even have a list of things to help check and make sure boarding goes smoothly. Here a few highlights:

*Bring cats in carriers labeled with your name.

*Bring pets’ usual treats and food, know how much and how often you feed them or give them treats.

*If your pet is on medication, bring the meds in the original container (helps the staff know what they are giving, & how to administer them).

LVH will provide bowls and bedding for your loved ones. Pets can act differently here and chew their bedding. And pets should be up to date on their vaccines and free of parasites. Makes sense right? And smart too, in order to make it a safe environment for all who stay.

So what are you waiting for? Give LVH a call today. Feel free to check out the rest of the check-in list at It will definitely help makes things go smoothly.

Join me next week for dog training that LVH offers. I know, they do it all! But sorry my feline friends, this does not apply to you. It just means you are above training and are awesome as you are.

Don’t forget