We all know dogs and cats can itch and groom themselves from time to time, but when it becomes obsessive with visible redness or hair loss, then that’s a problem and Liberty Veterinary Hospital can help.

If you know your pet is free of fleas or ticks than it could be something in the air or that came into contact with their skin. Pollen, grasses, weeds, mold, dust etc. can cause problems for your pets too. And if you’ve ever suffered from allergies then you can really sympathize with your fur baby. We can itch enough to create a skin or ear infection. A good start is a nice bath to help relieve the itching and to wash off the allergens causing the problem. Be sure to use a prescription shampoo because others may just cause dry skin and which could worsen itchiness. If you are unsure which shampoos are best for your pet, LVH is a great place to seek advice. They can advise you on not only the best shampoo for your pet, but also medications (injections, oral or topical) should they become necessary.

Join me next week for food allergies – yep, we get those too. But until then be sure to visit libertyvet.net for more health care needs.