I am so glad you came back. My friends at Liberty Veterinary Hospital have some great tips this week! This blog is very important for my furry friends who aren’t able to stay indoors this winter.
Any pet who is outside needs a dry, draft free dog house. Make sure it is large enough for your pet to move around in, but small enough to hold in their body heat. Also, use thick bedding and heavy plastic strips (like walk in freezers have) for the doorway to keep out the wind and snow. Make sure to check the bedding often. Replace it immediately if it gets wet.
Pets who spend more time outside in the winter will need more food. Food gives us energy, and it takes a lot of energy to keep warm. And if you need a great dog or cat food, call LVH for more information on which food is best, and how much your pet should eat. Obviously, you will need to check the water bowl often. Pets not only need fresh water, but water that is not frozen. We certainly can’t drink that, and our tongues could stick to it (you remember “Christmas Story”, right?).
Dogs and cats aren’t the only ones who seek warmth in the winter months. All wildlife does, and car engines are a perfect warm hiding place. If you need to drive your car again and the engine is still warm, bang on the hood to scare away any potential squatters.
For more details on these safety tips, please check out the newsletters at libertyvet.net. Be sure to come back next year (yea, I said it) for tips and great health advice from all of us at LVH. Happy New Year everyone!