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Hello, or should I say “MEOWELLO”? I’m the one my owner refers to as the “little guy”. Being a kitten is great. I get to play around the house and be a goof ball, and everyone thinks it’s so cute. Well, everyone except my 2 roommates Gus and Jacob. They’re too old to remember what being a kitten is about. I’m lucky to have great owners that are aware of the care and responsibility of having a new addition to their home. They take me to my regular monthly check-ups, booster my vaccines on time, running simple blood tests that ensure I’m healthy, & make sure I don’t have any nasty parasites, and all before I turned 4 months old! My owners want to get everything finished in preparation for my neuter. I know some kittens (and owners too) might be scared of surgeries.But my two older buddies, Gus and Jacob, have lived long healthy lives because they got neutered. Did you know that neutering eliminates the risk of some forms of cancer? Or that neutered cats are way less likely to try to escape or roam, and get hit by a car while crossing the street? I’m looking forward to growing up and finding adventures to go on with these two. Gus is impatient and thinks I chat too much. Like I said, he doesn’t remember how excited kittens can get. So I’ll shut up now, and let him chat with you next week.11