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Meowello, I’m Gus, the middle child. I wanted to tell you of how great our lives are because of the staff at Liberty Veterinary Hospital. First, we have four litter boxes, and that gives us all enough room and space to do our potty business in peace and quiet with no stress. I know when I’m stressed I don’t always go in the litter box, which does not please my owner.Second, they put our food up on a counter or somewhere the “dogs” can’t reach it. I mean, a cat has to eat too. Third, they take me to annual check-ups that include physicals, vaccines, and (in my case) running bloodwork as well as picking up my medications. I was diagnosed with having a hyperthyroid last year. It is very common among us cats, but easily treated and controlled with medication to prolong my life, as long as it’s caught in time. I’m thankful my owners are aware of signs of hyperthyroidism because of the team at Liberty Veterinary Hospital. Basically, I was eating all the food in the house, and had lots of energy, but I was not gaining an ounce. It was weird. But now with my blood screens and appropriate dose of thyroid medicine, I’m in control again. This is something I’ll have my whole life, but it’s manageable.Next week, our senior pal Jacob will tell you all about his Kidney Disease.