The busy holiday season is approaching, which means plenty of travel plans and family accommodations will be necessary. Whether you’re heading across the country to visit friends or family, or overloading your own home with guests, travel plans must be made well in advance to minimize stress and potential pitfalls. If you plan on traveling with your pet or boarding them over the holidays, don’t miss our checklist of five items that will help simplify travel and boarding plans. 

#1: Make your holiday pet travel or boarding plans well in advance

The holidays are busy times, and making airline or boarding reservations for your pet may fall through the cracks of your hectic schedule. Avoid putting off plans until the last minute, because there’s a good chance no rooms will be left at the boarding inn, or few spaces will be left on a pet-friendly flight. Try to make reservations or travel arrangements at least a month in advance. Boarding facilities in Liberty Township fill up quickly during the holidays, and you may have to travel well out of your way to find room for your pet. 

#2: Ensure your pet is current on vaccinations

Current vaccinations are essential year-round, but more so during the holiday traveling and boarding season. Some boarding facilities require vaccines to be boostered at least two weeks prior to your pet’s stay and, if you’re traveling out of the country with your pet, a health certificate is a must. Don’t wait till the last minute to try to sneak in a wellness exam and your pet’s required boarding or traveling vaccinations—check your pet’s vaccine due dates and schedule appropriately. 

#3: Stock up on your pet’s necessities

Before traveling with or boarding your pet, ensure they have an ample supply of medications, food, and treats. Refill your pet’s prescriptions, stock up on a bland diet to combat traveling stress, and purchase parasite preventives through our online pharmacy, to make one less to-do item. Pack your pet’s bags with their refilled supplies, a cozy bed, toys, food puzzles, and a collar with ID tags to make their stay comfortable and relaxing.

If your pet needs anxiety or anti-nausea medication for traveling, ask your Liberty Veterinary Hospital veterinarian about their best options during their wellness visit prior to the holiday season.

#4: Double up on your pet’s identification

Although your pet doesn’t need a passport, they should be microchipped for added security. A microchip is the only permanent identification that cannot be removed, and does not need replacing, or a power source. A collar with legible ID tags is a great option, but tags or collars can fall off, while phone numbers can fade away. Before hitting the road or skies this holiday season, schedule an appointment for microchipping, or a quick visit to check your pet’s chip.

#5: Book your pet’s boarding reservations at Liberty Veterinary Hospital

Did you know we offer clean, spacious accommodations for cats, dogs, and exotic pets right here at Liberty Veterinary Hospital? If your pet is our patient, you can board your furry pal in the comfort of a familiar setting with people who are knowledgeable about their medical history, dietary habits, and personality. During your pet’s stay, they receive plenty of exercise and one-on-one attention. Cats also enjoy our butterfly garden positioned outside “Kitty City,” which boasts kitty window seats for viewing the outdoors from the safety of our hospital. As a full-service veterinary hospital and boarding and grooming facility, we can perform a variety of health care tasks during your pet’s stay. Ask about the following options:

  • Bath
  • Haircut
  • Nail trim
  • Anal gland expression
  • Dental cleaning
  • Spay or neuter surgery
  • Mass removal
  • Vaccinations
  • Wellness exam

When your pet stays with us, we ensure they are as comfortable and happy as at home. We provide bowls, blankets, and bedding, but ask that you bring your pet’s regular food, and any toys or treats they would like. For more information regarding our boarding policies, read this form. Check out our VIP options for cats and dogs that can create a more special, personalized stay for your pet. 

Are you heading out of town this holiday season, but searching for stress-free boarding for your pet that’s like a second home? Look no further than Liberty Veterinary Hospital’s boarding facility, but call soon to reserve your pet’s spot. Our holiday boarding accommodations fill up quickly.