Fall is in the air, the time to slow down and enjoy the cool air after a long hot summer.   And sadly a lot of us are slowing down because we are not young pups anymore. Just like humans, canines and felines feel the effects of aging too. Since cats and dogs age more quickly, we feel those effects sooner but can’t really communicate our troubles to our humans.

Liberty Veterinary Hospital supports our senior years with wellness plans for cats and dogs. It is a preventative maintenance plan for us older pets. Yes, that would include myself, as I will be 14 in just a few months. I feel alright but sleep a lot more and play a lot less. From time to time I do have some stiffness, and I think my senses are weakening. But those are natural aging signs. If your pet demonstrates loss of house training, increased thirst, increased frequency of urination, confusion or disorientation, skin changes or altered appetite then you need to have your pet examined. Conditions that go undiagnosed can advance quickly which is why LVH suggests 6-month exams for their senior patients.

Come back next week for more information on the senior wellness plans that LVH offers. If you can’t wait, check out libertyvet.net for more information or give the fine folks at LVH a call.