new optionGlad all my friends are inside in the air conditioning. My favorite place to nap is over a vent this time of year. Don’t know why my owners complain about their energy bill. August is the month of “dog days of summer.” So I’m going to woof about the Liberty Veterinary Hospital senior wellness plans.

Our veterinarians recommend a physical two times a year. Many problems can be found early through exams. Are you getting too skinny? How does your skin look, any bumps? Want to keep chewing dog bones? A dental exam can reveal dental disease that may cause pain. Blood work sounds scary, but the LVH techs will gently collect a sample. Why blood work? Diabetes, liver or kidney disease and other weird stuff may be detected. You could say the senior wellness plans allow the veterinarians to play detective. Cool, that sort of makes me a police dog. It may seem weird when your owner puts a cup into your urine stream. For goodness sake, just let us pee! Well a urine test can help diagnose kidney failure, urinary tract infection, liver disease or bladder stones.

I can see the hair standing up on your back. Don’t stress out. It is a lot of information. The senior wellness plan covers even more: blood pressure, x-rays, thyroid test and eye exams. On your next walk, drag your owner into Liberty Veterinary Hospital to get a brochure. Remember there is a senior wellness plan for canines AND felines.

So cat and dog friends relax and enjoy the summer. Fall is coming soon and more topics to check out in the LVH dog blog. Remember to stay out of those hot cars this summer. Stay cool in these dog days of summer!