Thanks for joining me again this week. I want to review some of the things you can do to keep your cat happy and healthy. Just unscramble the underlined words. Good luck!

  1. Cats hide when they are feeling desserts, trentahed, or are in apni.
  2. Behaviors to watch out for are changes in their trainuion, sleeping habits, clavoziation, or odof/twetar
  3. Call Blityer Yearnvetir Pathiols with any concerns you have about your cat.
  4. Keep up on vainces, exams, and blood work to help diagnose problems before they become serious.
  5. Make sure they get plenty of exercise.
  6. Brush their teeth and fur

How did you do? Great, I am sure. J Please join me next week as I discuss holiday safety for your pets (yes, it is that time again). And as always check out for all your pet questions.


  1. stressed, threatened, pain
  2. urination, sleeping, vocalization, food/water
  3. Liberty Veterinary Hospital
  4. vaccines, exams
  5. exercise
  6. teeth, fur
  7. stressed, threatened, pain
  8. urination, sleeping, vocalization, food/water
  9. Liberty Veterinary Hospital
  10. vaccines, exams
  11. exercise
  12. teeth, fur