Only a few more days until turkey time!  I hope I get a few bites this year, but my mom is pretty good about not feeding me all the really good stuff.  She reads this blog on so she knows all about the dangers of turkey skin and rich foods.  She is even careful with the leftovers too.  Guess she doesn’t trust me to stay out of that either, or she knows that the foil or plastic wrap they are usually in could cause intestinal obstructions for us.  And yeah, alright, we aren’t that clever to unwrap and eat only the food.  We’ll eat the wrapping too, so she is smart to keep that out of reach.  But if your pet is sneakier than you think, be sure to call Liberty Veterinary Hospital if your pet displays a swollen stomach, is vomiting or has diarrhea after the holiday.

Besides the food, be sure to keep any decorations out of your pet’s reach too.  We are curious creatures and find that the best way to investigate new things is to taste them.  So plastic or glass decorations that look like a new toy for us should be carefully placed.  And don’t forget about lit candles.  Those can be knocked over by happy tails or moody paws (you know which pet is which), so keep those in places out of our range too.

A few last things to be mindful of is the family and friends you have over.  Don’t assume your guests won’t share a tasty treat with us, so be sure and have a conversation with them. A crowded home can cause stress for your furry family members and besides hiding, we could easily escape through an open door.  So, keep your fur babies in a safe, comfortable room if they are too skittish or keep an eye on where they are throughout the night.

Come back next week so we can see how your Thanksgiving went and start preparing for next holiday.  Until then, have a safe and happy turkey day!